Q: Can I deposit directly on the internet??
A: Yes, System offers a variety of online deposit options. For details, please refer to "Deposit Notice"

Q: I can find the rules of the game there.
? A:Before you log in, you can see the "Game Rules" option on the outermost layer of the game, clearly telling you how to play, rules and payouts. In the game window, there are also "rules" options, so that you can bounce the window to remind you of the rules of the game while enjoying the fun of the game.

Q: How many decks will you use in your game??
A: In baccarat we will use 8 decks, other games will be adjusted according to their nature.。

Q: When will you shuffle??
A: All card games, when the red shuffling mark appears or the game is interrupted due to a line problem, it will be reshuffled.。

Q: What is the limit of my bet??
A: Your bet will vary according to your deposit. The minimum single bet for a sports game is 10 to 1000 to 20,000, and the minimum single bet for a casino is 10 to 3000. For special VIP customers, please see "Promotions".