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Registration application

Month profit Month minimum valid membership Month withdrawal commission proportion live, electronic Month retreat lottery commission ratio (effective betting) Month withdrawal commission proportion Sports Betting
1~50000 5 or more 20% 0.1% 20%
50001~300000 10 or more 25% 0.1% 25%
300001~800000 50 or more 30% 0.1% 30%
800001~1200000 100 or more 35% 0.1% 35%
1200001 above 200 or more 40% 0.1% 40%

Note: 97asia reserves the right of final change of the above regulations!

Please remember that any use of dishonest methods to defraud the commission will permanently freeze the account and the commission will not be refunded!

After the new cooperation officially establishes the relationship, it must be promoted with care. There must be 3 or more effective member growth per month for the first three months, otherwise the company has the right to terminate the partnership!

Feedback/commission calculation

Please note:

Video, ball, probability and other items, in the [Payment] field in the report, after deducting the corresponding fee, according to the percentage of the table X commission.

The lottery item is based on the [actual bet] field in the report, and the X 0.1% commission percentage after deducting the corresponding fee.

In the current month, the alliance system will generate the total amount of the rebate after deducting the corresponding fees from the [Payment/Bet/Total amount/Total amount] of the video, ball, probability, lottery and other items, and then the corresponding percentage of the rebate.

  1. The corresponding fees include: membership fee, deposit/withdrawal corresponding handling fee (please note: 97asia member repeat payment handling fee / less than 100% betting fee is absorbed by the member, not included in the calculation)
  2. [Minimum effective member of the month] is defined as a member who has made a valid bet of at least 500 in the monthly period. If the alliance system does not reach the minimum threshold of 5 [the minimum effective member of the month], the commission will not be received in the month. . If the profit of the alliance system reaches the standard in the current month, and the number of [the minimum effective members in the current month] does not reach the corresponding minimum threshold, the commission rate for the month will be refunded according to the corresponding percentage of the number of the lowest effective members of the month.


The system's profit for the month is 100001, and the number of valid members in the month is 5, although the alliance has reached a profit of 200001, but it has not reached the effective membership of more than 10 people, so it is accounted for according to the proportion of the effective membership of the alliance of 5 people.

Reality Electronic Physical education Lottery ticket
25% 25% 25% 0.1%


The minimum effective membership of the alliance system in the month is 12, and the monthly payout: video 300000, probability 20000, lottery valid bet 800000, sports bet 50000. For example, if the corresponding system of the alliance system is 14000, The commission is calculated as:

The commission for the month is calculated:

The total payout amount is 200000, and the rebate percentage is 25%)

(lottery rate commission - 14000 corresponding fee) = -13200

(-13200 + 200000)×25% +50000 Sports betting×20%= 56700 total refund amount

The commission percentage is based on the amount of the “Payment” before the corresponding fee is deducted.

If the commission is negative this month, it will be taken up next month and will continue to accumulate until the commission is positive and higher than 500.

Feedback/commission payment

The commission of the alliance is calculated. The settlement interval is the first week of the month from the first week of the month to the first week of the next month. The member's profit is calculated by the affiliate program dividend formula. The commission is paid by the customer service for the first week of each month. After starting the confirmation of the amount with the agent, the commission will be directly transferred to the bank account registered by the agency alliance within 5 working days.